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Read it here: Ty Robben’s letter to the Reno Federal Court


Click here for the Proposed legislation being presented to Nevada — Word File— PDF File

Please see our partner Lawless America for an awesome  source of Judicial Corruption information Battling Corruption and Dishonesty in Government

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News coverage:

KOLO part 1 http://youtu.be/-lN4YWCZMrc?t=15m41s

KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

KOLO part 2 http://youtu.be/-lN4YWCZMrc?t=12m34s

KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

KOLO coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Appeal:


Protesters create giant ‘crime scene’ in front of AG’s office
Sunday, April 29, 2012
NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

NV Appeal coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto



AG and Carson City Court (Judge James E. Wilson) caught in backdating scandal

NBC KRNV news cover Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Cortez Masto backdating scandal

NBC KRNV news cover Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Cortez Masto backdating scandal

Las Vegas Review Journal


Taxation Department losing tens of millions of dollars a year, ex-employees say

Taxation Department losing tens of millions of dollars a year, ex-employees say

CARSON CITY — The state is losing tens of millions of dollars a year in tax revenue because of an inefficient computer system that prevents department auditors from reviewing the tax records of companies in a timely manner, according to two former Nevada Taxation Department employees.

They place the blame primarily on a computer system that, while not antiquated, is slower and not user friendly, saying that a new system is needed.

The department’s annual report, released Jan. 15, shows 1.24 percent of businesses in the state were audited during the past fiscal year, almost half the total in the 2006-07 year, just before a new $40 million tax accounting system went online.

They also said that mismanagement by former Taxation Director Dino DiCianno has contributed to the department’s inability to perform more audits and that he deliberately stopped audits of the mining industry. DiCianno closed the agency’s Elko office in June 2010 as part of a cost-cutting plan by former Gov. Jim Gibbons, though the mining industry was booming and the auditor there could have recovered millions in unpaid mining taxes, they said.

DiCianno, who did not return a phone call seeking comments Tuesday, abruptly retired from state government in March, a day after telling legislators that mining companies had not been audited for two years because he lacked qualified auditors to check their records.

Taxation Department executives told legislators that the mining industry operated on a “self-reporting” tax system.

After DiCianno’s departure, new Gov. Brian Sandoval required the department to undertake mining industry audits.

That work produced $1.2 million in additional revenue from audits in the fiscal year that ended June 30, although the employees said much more could have been secured except for a three-year statute of limitations on unpaid taxes.

Still the employees and their union representative said far more revenue could be secured if the number of audits returned to the total of past years.

“It is our members’ assertion the total number of audits is down because of the computer and software system,” said Vishnu Subramaniam, executive director of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 4041. “Individuals have to pay their fair share of taxes. We should expect the same from Nevada businesses.”

Although no one was critical of his performance, new Taxation Director William Chisel did not return three messages left by the Review-Journal on his office phone over the past week and a half.

Sandoval, however, expressed support Tuesday for Chisel, adding it is the director’s plan to concentrate audits on companies where the returns can be greater.

“I will have a conversation with the director,” Sandoval said. “Mr. Chisel’s background is as an auditor. They are developing systems to go after the higher returning entities.”

Subramaniam arranged for the two former Taxation Department employees to speak with a Review-Journal reporter. They both requested anonymity.

One is still employed in state government. He said he told legislators before the meeting in March that DiCianno was not having the department audit mining companies.

He said he previously worked for a mining company and is proficient in auditing their records. Instead, he was assigned to audit businesses where the return for the state was far less.

This employee said no net proceeds of minerals audits were performed for 10 years.

“We did sales tax audits. We did business tax audits. We did everything but net proceeds of minerals,” he said. “I was stifled by Dino (DiCianno).”

The other source, who said he is familiar with the computer system, said, “It wasn’t right from the beginning. It has been completely dysfunctional.”

The system will not even properly add up numbers, he said.

As an example, he said the system software would show a 990 answer for adding up a group of numbers with an actual sum of 1,000. Replacing it with a new system would cost $100 million, he added.

Auditors for the Taxation Department do not need accounting degrees but can take a couple of night courses to qualify for the job, according to the former taxation auditor. He said pay is too low to attract highly qualified people.

According to the state Personnel Division, tax auditors are paid $39,108 to $69,029 a year, depending on their experience.

A person with a high school degree with previous auditing experience who has completed six credit hours of college accounting classes can be an auditor.

“I would always collect or recover five times or more what I earn,” he said. “The jobs pay for themselves.”

The annual report shows salary expenditures by the Taxation Department increased by about $450,000 to slightly more than $20 million a year in the past fiscal year.

Subramaniam said Sandoval needs to take the leadership to ensure the Taxation Department does more audits and businesses know they are being watched so they will pay their taxes, but with a 1.24 percent audit rate, businesses realize they can fudge their taxes with impunity.

“The least we could be doing is to ensure that Nevada businesses are paying their fair share in taxes — that they are paying what they’re supposed to be paying,” Subramaniam said.

Contact Capital Bureau Chief Ed Vogel at evogel@reviewjournal.com or 775-687-3901.

Nevada Department of Taxation Audits

Year Audits Revenue
Pct. of businesses
2010-11 1,066 $16.2 million 1.24%
2009-10 1,254 15.0 1.35
2008-09 1,397 16.2 1.51
2007-08 1,346 13.4 1.45
2006-07 1,994 19.3 2.08
2005-06 1,668 12.45 2.32
SOURCE: Nevada Department of Taxation
annual report, 2010-11
Taxation Department losing tens of millions of dollars a year, ex-employees say

Taxation Department losing tens of millions of dollars a year, ex-employees say

AP News:

NV tax director abruptly retires after audit flap

Nevada’s top tax man abruptly retired Friday, a day after he revealed his agency hadn’t audited mining industry tax collections in two years and lacked trained staff to determine if the mining companies were paying proper net proceeds taxes.

In a statement, Gov. Brian Sandoval thanked Dino DiCianno for his years of service and wished him well in his retirement.

“He has been a loyal and dedicated public servant for three decades,” Sandoval said.

The governor said Chris Nielsen, taxation deputy director, will lead the agency until a permanent replacement is found.

Sandoval asked Nielsen to prepare a transition plan and immediate strategy to resume auditing mine operators to ensure the proper payment of the net proceeds of minerals tax. He also directed the state’s Internal Audit Division to assist the tax agency.

In a hearing Thursday before the Senate Revenue Committee, DiCianno told lawmakers that his department only had two-and-a-half people to conduct audits, and that they relied largely on the companies’ revenue projections and reports in calculating taxes.

It prompted a terse exchange with Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, D-North Las Vegas, who at one point said he may “need to start taking blood pressure medication.”

DiCianno also said the governor was unaware of the lack of audits, but that he had asked his staff to “dust off the internal audit manual” and get up to speed.

Nevada’s mining industry, with gold prices soaring to record highs, is a shining target in the gloom of the state’s budget battles as the state tries to claw its way out of the Great Recession while leading the nation in joblessness, foreclosures and bankruptcies.

Also revealed during Thursday’s hearing were the business deductions the mining industry is allowed to take before declaring their taxable net income. The deductions include an array of expenses including advertising costs, severance payments, employee or worker bonuses and sales tax.

According to the taxation department, deductions for Barrick Gold Corp. will amount to $1.7 billion this year. These deductions lower the mining company’s taxable income to $1 billion. Were taxation based on gross income instead of net, the tax department’s report shows Barrick would face taxes on almost $2 billion in 2011.

Las Vegas SUN


Las Vegas SUN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Las Vegas SUN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Carson NOW


CarsonNOW.com coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

CarsonNOW.com coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

CarsonNOW.com coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Governor Brian Sandoval

CarsonNOW.com coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Governor Brian Sandoval


Protesters rallied with a 4 foot by 150 foot long “CRIME SCENE” banner!

Protesters each have their individual complaints against the Attorney General, NDOC, NHP, the Governor and Reno DA Dick Gammick.

Individual complaints include backdated court filings, withholding evidence, Brady violations, computer problems in NDOC adding false charges to inmates records and deleting “good behavior” credits. Other people complain about being harassed by NHP (pulled over 40+ times) after reporting icy road conditions.

Nevada was recently given a D- grade in transparency and is a top State in the union for CORRUPTION. Essentially a “State of Corruption”.

Protesters are planning to continue these demonstrations in the weeks and months ahead now that the weather is nice and more victimized citizens are learning about the movement.


CNN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

CNN coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

cnn ireport Brian Sandoval protest

cnn ireport Brian Sandoval protest


Click here for the Proposed legislation being presented to Nevada — Word File— PDF File

Q- What the hell is this protest all about?

A- In 2012, Nevada received a D- grade making it one of the worst States in the union for CORRUPTION and Judicial Corruption. Local Nevada citizens in Carson City and Reno networked and joined forces using the Internet and social media and old fashion methods to create a collision.  They were inspired to protest and created the Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement. One of the fellas involved in the protest is a professional sign maker who fabricated a massive 140 foot long, 4 foot tall one-of-a-kind CRIME SCENE banner.  The banner is unique and has commanded the attention of anyone who sees it as well as local, national and world-wide media attention. The other protest signs are also large and unique targeting specific issues and general anti-corruption messages.

The Nevada ANTI-Corruption movement is working and we are having success for individual causes and bringing public attention to the Rampant Wholesale Corruption here in Nevada. We will report news and information on out main website https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com

We encourage people to watch out youtube videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/stumpjumpnty/videos

Once you become familiar with what we are doing, please contact us at Nevadawatchdog@rocketmail.com

We are starting to regularly hold demonstrations in Carson City Nevada at the State Capital in front of the Attorney Generals office which is directly across from the Governor’s office on the main street and Musser St.

We will also hold demonstrations at other locations such as the Reno AG office, area courts (Reno, Carson, other) and pinpoint protests at Nevada Department of Taxation offices in Nevada and other State agencies as required. We may expand protests to Las Vegas and bring the CRIME SCENE banner to rural areas of Nevada too. All this brings attention to the judicial corruption happening in Nevada and the rest of the country.

Nevada ANTI-Corruption & Lawless America join forces to gain Nation Nevada ANTI-Corruption & Lawless America join forces to gain Nation Attention to Rampant, Wholesale Judicial Corruption in America.

Kids for Ca$h, Penn State and Nevada’s D- grade are all recent scandals we’ve heard about in the news. There are thousands and tens of thousands we have not heard of.

Corruption is running rampant in America and it is getting worse. Please check out a recent update from Bill Windsor from Lawless America on the Internet talkshow called ‘Talkshoe’ at www.Talkshoe.com

Here is the direct link to the profound information: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-115884/TS-646174.mp3

Listen to time-stamp 57:15 to learn about how to sue the State courts if Federal court using something called section 1983.  This “section 1983” is Constitution law and is used for civil rights cases like excessive police force, discrimination, retaliation and other State abuses of power.

legal info:

I, NevadaWatchDOG, am not an attorney.  This website expresses my OPINIONS.   The comments of visitors or guest authors to the website are their opinions and do not therefore reflect my opinions.  Anyone mentioned by name in any article is welcome to file a response.   This website does not provide legal advice.  I do not give legal advice.  I do not practice law.  This website is to expose government corruption, law enforcement corruption, political corruption, and judicial corruption.  Whatever this website says about the law is presented in the context of how I or others perceive the applicability of the law to a set of circumstances if I (or some other author) was in the circumstances under the conditions discussed.  Despite my concerns about lawyers in general, I suggest that anyone with legal questions consult an attorney for an answer, particularly after reading anything on this website.  The law is a gray area at best.

These Know Your Rights materials are informational resources only and are not legal advice. For legal advice, to ask about your rights in specific situations, or if you believe that your rights have been violated and wish to pursue a private action or other possible avenues, please contact a private attorney. [ACLU NV]


The First Amendment and Police Encounters [PDF]
Know Your Rights: Demonstrations and Protests [PDF]

29 thoughts on “About, Contact Info and F.A.Q.

  1. From 1998-2002 I was victimized by corruption throughout Las Vegas. I have evidence and am willing to help any party prove, validate, and in bringing forward law autrocities. Synopsis:
    Substantial inheritence fraud caught at 3 year mark of it being done by attorney in NM, discovering my grandmother was murdered for her assets. Had been usurped Controlling Interest of Limited Partnership. Reported to IRS criminal Invest. in Las Vegas, got hearing in NM. Result occurring in Las Vegas: Loss of job, refusal for unemp benefits and fight to get. unemployment benefits, then defrauded benefits via computer manipulation of unemployment record receipt, as well as forgery they would not look into. An illegal 5150 issued having me pulled from nice weekly in Henderson NV (I had fled my own condo in fear because of entries and no investigation) for involuntary hold 72 hours blocking my attending hearing in NM.

    A continued unending terror of organized stalking from federal agencies as well as organized crime, with no help 99-02 resulting in loss of approx 160k, 3b condo, credit score from 932 to under 300, repeated violent physical attacks, restaurant drugged rape, to terrified to get medical assistance for multiple beatings, but hospitilization once for 5 broken ribs and collapsed lung resulted in i believe microchip/tracking implant, head x rays being diverted from bills and only treatment done when ribs/lungs were a critical issues (inotherwords, barely able to breath and with complaint of rib area, with refusing all drugs, they only drugged me anyway and took unknown or given permission head x-rays after i was knocked out. Had to flee hospital AMA. Repeatedly blocked from obtaining legal counsel. Repeatedly denied/blocked court records, clerk records, public records. Repeatedly denied inet access, looped phone lines. Repeated home invasions, burglaries, robberies, cash, account depletion, credit card theft, identity theft and fraud, HOA violations, lvpd refusing to investigate, precinct to pricinct, or in fraud division.. Became a target, believe contract put out on me to legalize estate and identity fraud after the fact in NM, contract being to force a bankruptcy upon me, and/or make me appear incompetent using affected police redords (5150 based on entirely false police report that stated i was running up and down Freemont street waving a gun and was psychtic when i was in a weekly in Henderson.) Victim of bank theft, false banking records, banks refusal of investigation of multiple frauds in multiple banks, manipulation of accounts, targeting at casinos, targeting/theft at hundreds of businesses (bank backed and ordered likely), organized stalking up to 10 autos at a time, 10-15 people at a time, arrest for dui with 0.0 reading. Surrounded and trapped within condo while divested into homelessness and poverty, ruined life. So terrorized and without any police assistance nearly murdered. Eventually an attempted murder charge filed after life, child’s life, family’s lives threatened so i could not testify if i wanted them to live, no victim assistance, no d.a. assistance. Police watched and listened to repeated beatings, Fugitive and Recovery service running contract of organized stalkers. The arrangement is to make you so terrified of law/terrified of organized stalkers and mob you become helpless, trapped, no justice is served, no investigation ever done. Think twice before you whistleblow in this country.

    The estate theft million plus, Hundreds of thousands spent to take me down. Cost to me unending poverty and 24/7 surveillance to this day. Back then the errorism inflicted using nothing short of war crimes while every law office, county, state, federal office did nothing, except sit in a big circle tagging eachother to get the ‘job done’ and NEVER saying they were watching or what could be done, although local police, while accusing me of being a stripper (was in environmental remeditation field) would say things like “file charges against the “right” party. End result: Legal murder where you are left dead but walking with no belief in country, and have witnessed law run backward while you were “legally taken down ” and murdered.

    Harrassment and 24/7 surveillance ends up like some enemy federal witness in some enemy federal witness protection service where you end up stuck with them allowed to monitor you constantly like a tagged animal. Unable to get counsel, unable to prove much of it, left mentally, emotionally, physically damaged with no funds for services, unable to verify microchip and satellite surveillances used.

    This occured to me for reporting a murder, IRS criminal violations, reporting i was being stalked and people were entering my home. A power of attorney (issued to sell one car, issued in las vegas, being used as a device to put out a hit contract to at all costs keep the autrocities and fraud charges from ever being filed, and to keep unreported assets off books to desubstiaintiate this would be done to a person to keep them quiet, To keep a bank (bank of united states, use your imagination) from being held accoundable for bonding liability and defrauding partnership, moving property into separate trusts, colluding with attorney they had a $10m proper performance bond on, intentionally misinvesting and managing my account to lose or make no money as powerplay. Would team or assist with any similarly victimized party.

    I am someone who knows exactly why a legal murder was done to me in the city of las vegas nevada. Rico, Clayton Act violations everywhere and power’s so strong they could cause every civil and human rights violation possible to occur to an American citizen.

    Still have hospital records, some 30 police reports, proof of diversion of x rays, proof of mail fraud, proof of false reporting to gain a 5150, proof of estate theft, proof of trust acct manipulations, proof of Bells Bargo (illegally repo auto, double $10k withdrawal and refusal to investigate), earlier mentioned bank and one other bank manipulating accounts, proof of bouncing checks intentionally to affect record, proof of tapped/blocked computers and repurchases of printers, faxes, computers repeatedly, phone bills verifying effots to report, and many reports of what was written up as domestic violence reports, but was a hit contract being executed. Would testify to how informants are used to legalize federal activities such as massive theft of money from home, forming a circle of surveillance so the legal murder CAN happen, how harassment moves from state to state–

    I had my own business, home. Was groomed and set-up for estate theft. Repeatedly notified officials of murder, and power of attorney theft and fraud. Sought legal counsel and investigation and was denied. AG office informed in 2 states. Still in poverty, still searching for attorney to take on lucrative case/settlement, recovered to be nurse assistant, LMT, HHP, however govt files and profiled affected evidence the perps to original fraud, murder, collusion have, have me labelled and files as a skitzo. In fact, working in tandem this is done on a way larger scale than u.s. citizens understand–but it is how bank’s end up with the country’s land and assets. Currently the bank i “imagine” holds about 84% of the country’s land and asset pool–THIS IS HOW THEY GET IT. The crimes done to carry off such are so separated and terrorizing we end up with no life, hiding, brutally diminished, scarred for life because ‘they’ didn’t want to get caught. We MUST rise together and work together to prove eachother’s cases and autrocities. TO WAKE UP LAW ENFORCEMENT and COURTS before none of us have any freedom and all of us are owned up, in poverty, and on rented land.

    This is a rampant crime, although yours might not be quite the same as how mine was, or for the exact reasons mine was done. The well oiled wheel is to abscond real estate holdings. It is done with elements of law working together with mob. A third party service is used to organize stalk, dog, terrorize, lend the material needed to affect false record in order to get a court ruling, in order to legalize and coverup far worse crimes done and in process.

    Las Vegas is not a city you want to find yourself in when a contract is put out on you. The parties putting out mine, lured me there–once it started on me, no aspect of living in the u.s. and having any human rights existed. To this day, i dare not sign my name and it is quite likely i will suffer ramifications for this reply. Welcome comment, like stories. I am sure i was chipped in las vegas.

    • To Nevada Corruption Victim: THANK YOU ever so much for sharing your horrific story. It helped me in a way that I can’t describe. You need to find an attorney that is honest and experienced in fraud. I strongly urge you to try this attorney. Mr. Hesch was an attorney with the DOJ for 12 years, is now a law professor in at a Virginia university, and wrote the book: How To Report Fraud. joel@howtoreportfraud.com. He will graciously give you much needed free advice and if he accepts your fraud case, its no cost to you. His team will only take on major cases that they know they can win…however by the sound of it, your case is by far a major one indeed. Good luck dear lady!

  2. Thank you very much. I will save this. The fraud or whatever one wants to call it was so deep, in so many layers, for so long. So broke and broken for so long, ever under watch and threat, seems and feels like. I dont have much strength left in me. Oddly enough although you wrote this 1/6, i did not receive it until 1/29.

  3. I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and engaging, and let me tell you,
    you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is an issue that too
    few people are speaking intelligently about. I
    am very happy I found this during my hunt for something concerning this.

    • Thank you. My mother died from lack of care during all this, in another state while las vegas had at me. during the period I was being necessarily held down so as not to prove the pre-meditation, of my Nana’s murder. And the necessary contract hit to “dissolve and diminish me” being inflicted–me not being there for her. After stumbling out of las vegas barely alive, penniliess and homeless (thank you estate attorney bilking my life from me for your crimes), I became a CNA and have worked in skilled nursing, psych, acute, sub actue, and long term rehab fields. I see resemblences of me go through the system, never having been heard or believed. Diagnosed as ‘legally required’ to get away with discrediting witensses to murder, people being usurped of inheritence rights, victims of some bank or attorney’s risk assessment of liability determining your life vs what they would have to pay up = death or legal death, mob victims thrown into the system for the government’s unfortunate continued chew. One begins to see the organized system, how professionals know how to manipulate it, how victims end up medicated to control stories never being told, or believed. I was told I would end up doing the thorozone shuffle if I didn’t start cooperating back then. The axis points to diagnose a paranoid skitz., if one would bother to look at objectively, about fit anyone into the mold, or can about make anyone be shoved to fit into the mold. A CNA relating or commenting, means the world to me. The ones that care for the many can do little, believe me I know. I even tried, once calling the supposed victims advocacy service that runs for certain psych residents. I anomously asked them one question. And they put me on hold, transferred me, and dodged me, never answering the question. Yet, the next year, there I was in continuing ed., listening to thei visitor again, speak to how they are there………

    • Any way I can be useful for you. Don’t know what you mean by theme. It was all half on my screen too, if that is what you meant. Thank you for seeing, and replying.

  4. I’ve been browsing online more than three hours nowadays, yet I never discovered any fascinating article like yours. It’s beautiful worth sufficient for me.
    In my view, if all site owners and bloggers made just right content material as you probably did,
    the web shall be much more useful than ever before.

    • Thank you. Is that what you call this, a blog? The years of id theft and computer hacking back then, kept me off computers for 2004-not so long ago. Induced fear, and whoever was hacking me was…….way above my head in techno savvy. You know, there are over million(s) of us in the United States. googling targeted individuals, or organized stalking. Implants, mind control–any of these will tap you into…….what you wouldn’t believe, but better oughtta learn. Many suspect it is not going to miss anyone and those that haven’t been hit….just haven’t yet. That is why we try to teach about bent rule of law. How the spirit of law is unspirited and used with words that are indescribable as to damage, costs. Many of us believe this is the harvesting and undoing of our country. I know chunks of u.s. patented land (my family’s trust chunk being 600 acres, and 120 in another state) end up in theives and murder’s hands. And the very serious unbelievable but happening run for your life does start getting inflicted on anyone who DARES try to stand up for themselves. People’s hands that hire out the sort of thing just briefly summarized that caught your eye, are as dirty as they come, but legalled up and sub hired out to untracable. Forms of unlaw and law come at you from either side. Stay very aware of any mislabled mail arriving at your home. Any bleep on credit report. Any bleep anywhere. A wise person will not dismiss this off, think it is a small mistake, explain it away in these days and times. More likely it is the beginning. And LOG any of it, date and time in writing. Not that there is a court of law in this country that cannot be bought off or manipulated, or a way a person will be blocked and stopped from ever getting in one, but……..defense is what it is. Documented evidence is the only thing we have.

    • I agree, thanks admin of this site. And thank you to seeking and finding valuable this info. I hope you are not a victim seeking affirmation what you are enduring is happening.

    • didn’t know it was a blog, and so i suppose it it my first! If there is any further informaiton as to specifics, or anything i learned the hard way, please feel free to ask. Do my best to answer.

  5. Judge Pearson , “If you get into trouble in the next 90 day, then you sir get trial. But, for you get what is, no contests on where you can live…..

      • Who is Pearson? Did something happen to you in Reno and the judge is someone you have issue with?

      • As a victim of the Nevada Bar and Barry Levinson all my family and I want to know is when will we receive our money. All the long distance calls I made to the Attorney General
        s Office and others regarding that lying thieving scum Barry Levinson I knew it was more to this than originally spoke on. All of these high powered people nothing but a bunch of thieves. And as for my home Las Vegas, Nevada it started corrupt and continues to be…..

  6. The corruption is also with the Attorneys and who they are sleeping with and the deals they make with other attorneys on other cases.. so they did not have their clients best interest.

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