U.S. Church – Your Gov’t Aims to Kill or Arrest You!


The spiritual battle is now! These wicked ones have not only blasphemed God on a number of fronts including legalizing homosexual marriage, but have brought back the ancient and detestable worship of Baal aka Bel aka Moloch! Not even Sodom and Gomorrah came even close to this level of abomination that can cause desolation. This world loves error and hates us. But we already know that many who read this will dismiss this because your conscience has been seared and sealed as the Apostle Paul warned. The New Testament is clear: either you will be a Truth Lover or a Lie Slave. Choose one! Jesus said He will not tolerate those on the fence who do not choose. Be a Truth Lover! As such, Jesus made it clear several times that His kingdom is not of this world, and that would include the United States, which, as the learned and…

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