Massive Collapse Imminent: Pivotal Year Like 1914


Former Navy SEAL (now author and speaker) Matt Bracken was featured a few weeks ago on this blog in his excellent Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive. Matt appeared last night on Infowars (Alex Jones Show) which is probably his first high-profile interview he has done. It is not necessary to read Bracken’s essay prior to watching the interview but you will get a lot more insight out of it if you do.

In a very wide-ranging interview, Jones grills Bracken on a range of subjects, primarily around the deliberate Globalist plot to destroy the USA by removing civil liberties and wrecking the economy. As events move closer to the Summer, both predict that the USA will descend into civil disorder, possibly using the Republican Convention (starting July 18th) in Cleveland, Ohio. As many of you are aware, Donald Trump is a nationalist / populist who has openly called…

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