The early stages of a civil war to restore freedom?

tomfernandez28's Blog

daniel saint-martin

yes even in Canada we are fed up….. politically and economically !!!! it says it all !!!!

Prepper Rabbit

I haven’t not seen anything in East Tennessee
New World Order and the Mark of the Beast coming, One World Religion via Pope Francis.
I’ve been calling it the “Restorative War”, instead of civil war. It’ll be fought along ideological lines against America’s greatest enemies, the filthy liberals. I’m all in and am so excited I can hardly stand it. Let’s start already, so my child shall know peace!!!!!!!!!!
I haven’t seen anything here in NC, AR but I’ll sure be looking now
Nelson Reyes
I have seen a lot more “Dont Tread on Me” flags, and a lot more people coming out as Preppers in Florida. People…

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