PRINCE: Gematria Predicted Death of Musician and Chemtrails Activist

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon


“While the helicopter circles us, this theory’s getting deep

Think they’re spraying chemicals over the city while we sleep”

Follow The Money – Prince Insulted Music Mafia

Illuminati Remembers Prince

Predictive Programming

“Prince, “Fresh Prince, Will Smith and Donald Trump

Fresh Prince Season 4, Ep 25 Donald Trump and PRINCE
Flashback to “Prince” at 13:15 – Donald Trump at 19:00

Will Smith’s Death & Will Smith’s MTV Movie Award on April 9, 2016- Rigged Reality
Apr 15, 2016 – In this video I show the parallels between the death of Will Smith the NFLer, the same night Will Smith the actor was receiving a lifetime achievement award at the MTV Movie Awards, April 9, 2016. This video will blow your mind while expanding your understanding of how current events are truly rigged, and rigged “by the numbers”. Thank you for your likes, shares and subscriptions.

Prince’s Death Predicted in Gematria…

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