Obama’s Greatest and Unforgivable Mistake

the truth with no restriction

The Pres

In 2009 the U.S. government bailed out General Motors at the cost of 11.2 billion dollars. First of all, that’s not the actual truth. The fact is that the American people were forced to save General Motors at the expense of poor and impoverished Americans. The fact is that one of our three major automobile companies has not paid back its loans from the American people.

The failed Republican Party has wrongfully criticized President Obama for many of his successes. The only truth that matters is that the American people continue to question the wisdom of his bailout of the banking industry, the airlines, and the automobile industry. These institutions were all mismanaged with a goal of greed, and greatly damaged the majority of the working class. He was greatly mistaken and failed to protect the American people. Not one CEO or member of the boards of directors has ever…

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