The World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop


If we heard it one we heard it a dozen times…where is the Pawn Stars pawn shop located?

Our VIP Concierge discouraged  us from looking for it saying it was in a poor part of town.Well, that makes sense. Its the poor people, down on their luck that want to Pawn things.

Turns out that the Pawn Shop is one of the stops on the  Big Bus Tour.  We lucked out with our tour guide as she said she went to school with Chumlee. She said “you know how he plays the lovable village idiot on the show?” “Well, it’s not an act!”

DSC_2481 copy

Speaking of Chumlee, real name Austin Russell, he’s in a bit of trouble.

DSC_2482 copy

Seems police serving a warrant on a sexual assault charge found evidence of guns and drugs.

As if an assault charge wasn’t enough trouble!

DSC_2479 copy

There is plenty of speculation floating around on the net…

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