Judge Napolitano Explains the Law of Protest Applied to Trump Rallies


trump protesters clash

This is the second post in a row that deals with legal issues revolving around incitement to riot, protected speech, and the First Amendment. Tonight’s previous post goes into the law arising from claims that Donald Trump advocates violence. This one lays out the rights of protesters. The writer is Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News, a well-respected conservative legal analyst.

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

Fast-forward to last Saturday, also in Chicago, when Donald Trump canceled a rally and said he did so because he feared that protesters would disrupt it and some folks might be injured. Was this an example of the heckler’s veto?

The legal issues here are complex and subtle, involving property rights and free speech. As a lessee of a government-owned building for his rally venue, Trump could not prevent any person from entering or remaining because of the person’s political views.

However, he could have…

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