Liberal Website the Daily Beast Calls for Jailing Donald Trump

Titanic Brass

The seething liberal contempt for free speech is really showing itself this week. Increasingly worried that Republican front-runner Donald Trump may be able to survive the traps that his own party has laid for him to confront Queen Hillary in the election – where he will paste her right in the kisser – some crazy ideas are being floated. One of the latest doozies is that Trump should be locked up for the offense of having energetic- sometimes overly so – crowds at his political rallies. It’s the latest escalation against Trump as well as a chilling look at the sort of totalitarian state that could be just around the corner if the establishment wins.

In a piece published well after Cumberland County, NC authorities declined to charge the candidate for instigating a riot over the now infamous “sucker punch”the liberal website The Daily Beast writes “How Donald Trump…

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