North Carolina Sheriff’s Office Considering Charges Against Trump For Inciting A Riot

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Over the past week, all anyone wants to talk about in the political arena is who’s to blame for escalating violence at Donald Trump rallies.

Trump blames protesters. Once upon a time the GOP frontrunner relished the jeers from the back of the arenas he packed, saying getting the cameras on them was the only way that the media would show how large his crowds are.

More recently, he’s gotten frustrated after being nearly attacked on stage and after having to cancel a rally in Chicago. He now says he may press charges against protesters and have them jailed so they can explain to their “moms and dads” why they can’t get a job.

In last night’s Democratic town hall event, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders decried Trump for intentionally getting both his supporters and his detractors riled up to the point that both sides resort to physical confrontation…

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