New Intel From Inside Bohemian Grove: The End Of Days! EMP, Drones, WWIII and The Whole Nine Yards

Lisa Haven News


By Lisa Haven

Ever feel this country is going to hell in a hand basket? If so, you’re not alone. In fact many of us are feeling that America is being run by a bunch of mindless lunatics who think their “god”. As it turns out, this is exactly what is happening.

According to a recent leak from a  waiter at the Bohemian Grove—a place where governments gather from all across America in secret—these powerful men dress in drag, piss on trees, get wasted drunk, and are extremely rude and demanding. While their actions may seem like something straight out of Hollywood, sadly it is real life.

Maybe this is why so much chaos exists. Drones killing people in hordes, threats of EMP’s (electromagnetic pulses) hovering over our heads, World War III teetering on the edge—it truly feels like these Bohemian nuts are comfortable with one big mess around…

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