Carson City sheriff’s log: Inmate who consumed hand sanitizer booked for assault, resisting

drunk judgeA Carson City jail inmate who allegedly consumed hand sanitizer, was booked Saturday on suspicion of gross misdemeanor assault on a police officer and resisting after he charged at jail staff in which a taser was used to stop him, a Carson City sheriff’s deputy said.

The 33-year-old Carson City man also faces a misdemeanor charge of battery after allegedly spitting on a Carson City Fire Department member.

According to the arrest report, a deputy assigned to the jail was in the booking area when he heard screaming in the hallway. He saw the man with both arms extended and his hands clenched into fists. The man was cursing and moving closer to the deputy and another jail deputy.

The man was told to stop but did not respond to commands. A deputy removed a taser from its holders and gave commands for the man to stop and get on the ground. The man charged toward the deputies with both fists and appeared as though he was going to strike them. The taser was deployed into the abdomen of the man where he was detained and handcuffed.

The man appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. The deputy attempted to have the man provide a preliminary breath sample and was able to get a partial sample of .066. It was later discovered the man had consumed one bag of hand sanitizer that was obtained from a secured cabinet, the arrest report states. The hand sanitizer contains ethyl alcohol at 70 percent. He was taken to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center for treatment. Bail: $4,774.


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