Feds Refer to Pete Santilli As A SHILL

In their court filing, Nevada prosecutors argue that the facts in the Nevada indictment “independently justify” Santilli’s detention as a danger to the community and risk of flight. They describe him as part of the “organizing nucleus” of the conspiracy and as Cliven Bundy’s “shill” and “propagandist” who “beat the drums” over the Internet to incite and motivate followers to Nevada.

“Santilli was a key player in the build-up, organization and execution of an unprecedented, massive armed assault against federal law enforcement officers near Bunkerville, Nevada on April 12, 2014,” Nevada’s Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre wrote.

The memo alleges Santilli recruited gunmen to the Bundy Ranch, threatened violence to law enforcement, helped lead an assault on U.S. Bureau of Land Management officers trying to roundup cattle on federal land, conducted reconnaissance of hotels where BLM officers were staying, delivered an ultimatum to the BLM’s agent in charge to leave the impound site and incited followers and gunmen to participate in an assault on federal officers on April 12, 2014.

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