What Happens in the Meadows, Stays in the Meadows…

Chasing Oneday

Sin City. The Entertainment Capitol of the World. LAS VEGAS.

Interestingly enough, the name “Las Vegas” translates from Spanish to English as “The Meadows”. A rather benign interpretation of the city compared to it’s modern nomenclature counterparts, don’t you think?

An opportunity to attend a western conference in my field of work brought me to Las Vegas for four days and constitutes my second visit to the city. I am not a person who tends to visit the same place twice – in my opinion, vacation time is so precious and there are simply too many places to see in the world to continue returning to the same place over and over. Of course, that tends to contravene with my wanderlust and, ultimately, I’ll choose to travel anywhere when the opportunity arises.

12814700_10153324573226254_4402778028982331532_n Sitting on the plane with my coworker, Lindsey, ready for departure to a land of more sun. This was…

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