Trump Chicago Rally Shut Down by Leftist Thugs

Sister Patriot


3/11/2016 by Sister Patriot

So the Black Lives Matter thugs & the Bernie Sanders Socialist losers came together to cause a massive protest & force the Donald Trump rally in Chicago to cancel for tonight. One thug on camera said that they had protesters who had tickets for the event, who would be inside the arena, as well as the protesters outside. He said they were going to “lock arms” so that they couldn’t be broken up or hauled off. All I could think of was, “why aren’t WE locking arms in order to SAVE what is left of our country?”  All I see are Trump people fighting with Cruz people, Cruz people fighting with Trump people… Throw in some holier than thou types who will sit out the vote if Cruz doesn’t get the nomination.  I’ve even seen the commentary from some OF OUR OWN PEOPLE who are…

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