“Liberal Riot in Chicago? I’m Not Surprised…or Am I” – by Chris Moore

Moore Logical Thinking


First off, I want to start with a disclaimer. I never do this, but I feel it is necessary in this instance. I am in no way blaming every resident of Chicago for the fuckerey that took place last night. I know some, actually most, of the victims of last night were people who were Chicago residents who were just practicing their constitutional rights. I’m also going to include quotes from some people from Chicago. However, through no fault of your own, your city and state now have a big shit stain on them in the eyes of the nation. Well……I guess you’re all used to it by now because of Obama. Anyway, just know, that I don’t blame the normal people, I feel your pain and I still love you. Michael Jordan and kick ass hot dogs go a long way with me.

I understand that the “NWA wannabe” group

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