How the Supreme Court Helps Trump

Bullet Points

The third wing of the United States federal government, the Judiciary, tends not to receive as much attention as the Executive (the President) or the Legislature (Congress). However, there is a compelling argument that the Supreme Court may play a considerable role in the following weeks for the Republican Party.

At the moment the Republicans are divided: join with the fraud-outsider, Donald Trump, or resist his brand of demagogic populism. Of course, the race isn’t over: National Review recently endorsed Ted Cruz, arguing that the Texan Senator was the only chance to chance to hold Trump at bay in the primaries, and Hillary at bay in the general.

This is a last resort for many Republicans, but it may well be too late. Should Trump win Florida next week, it will be very difficult to stop him becoming the Republican nominee. Should that happen, some within the Republican ranks would…

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