Why Trump haters are a bunch of dumbasses, it’s just hilarious…


While it is annoying as fuck that there are Trump haters all over the place, I don’t mind though. To me, I find all the Trump hating to be entertaining and amusing. These people just don’t realize that they are actually helping Trump get elected when they are not even realizing it. The reason that a lot of Trump haters are so dumb is ’cause they waste all that time hating on him in their facebook walls. Going on these harsh rants bashing the hell out of him. Trump haters would also go around posting negative memes about Trump and misinformed negative articles about Trump in facebook hoping to turn off supporters. That’s the thing, ya know? All those negative stuff about Trump whether it will be memes or negative news articles… most of that stuff is misinformed and untrue at best. I mean, liberals would do anything they can…

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