The Republican Cage Match XIII: Don Trump Takes On The Political Establishment

Contemporary Notes

The Republican Gage Match XIII:  Don Trump Takes On The Political



R.E. Prindle


Republican Cage Match XIII or some such Roman numeral extravaganza was staged in the basketball court of some Miami college Thursday 3/10/16. It was the same day I got my annual haircut for a comparison in importance.

While it didn’t happen I expected them to introduce the players like this: Bouncing on to the stage now is Don ‘the Man’ Trump wearing number 14 at center, limping forward Jack Kasich wearing number XXIII, at fast forward Oleaginous Teddy Cruz wearing the number of ill omen, and at short guard in number 00, Little Marco ‘Rube’ Rubio. And in the counting house Rupert ‘Rupey’ Murdoch whose most famous saying is: This gate seems a little light. Well, you know Rupey, the help these days.

It didn’t happen quite that way but on the ludicrosity scale…

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