Trump/Cruz 2016: A Political Dynasty?

CBS Atlanta

Heading into this Primary Season’s “Mini Super Tuesday” on March 15th a few things have become clear. First, Marco Rubio will have no realistic shot at the nomination even if he wins Florida. Second, the Republican “Establishment” is planning to fight for the nomination at the convention with Mitt Romney playing the role of “Standard-bearer” to swoop in at the last moment and become the Party Nominee. And that the outsider wing of the party has taken control of the process and has now become unstoppable.

In 2010 the Republican’s saw the rise of the Tea Party and assumed it was a reaction only to the election of President Obama.  He went forward with the understanding that they would be able to both control and harness their numbers and energy for their own means. This plan worked in the beginning, leading Republican’s to retake both the House and Senate…

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