Reno Republican Party in Total Disarray

the truth with no restriction

Mt Rose

I don’t have many opportunities to write about where I live. The Northern Nevada cities of Reno and Sparks compose a population of approximated 350,000 men, women, and children. Yesterday, a situation which occurred here may portend the future of the Republican Party nationwide.

Washoe County stretches from Carson City on the south to the Oregon border on the north. If that doesn’t compute for you, just know that Nevada is geographically the fifth largest state in the United States. However, we are one of the least populated; most live in the south in the cities of Las Vegas, and Henderson.

Northern Nevadans are unique. They are both passionate and private; informed or compelled by emotions; and mostly composed of middle to low-income residents.

Politics is never ignored here. As of the Caucus last month there were 84,444 Democrats, 91,538 Republicans, 42,987 Independents, and ‘others’ numbering 15,857 registered to vote…

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