Government Quietly Admits Weather Modification, Sets up In Southern California
As this country inches farther away from the democracy it once pretended to be, the level of propaganda and indoctrination that the average American must wade through in order to get the smallest amount of Truth is staggering. We have reached a point in which Americans are so overwhelmed with the current battle taking place between the Alternative News community and mainstream media, and its barrage of contradicting “Facts,” that most have simply chosen to completely remove themselves from any critical thinking. Even when the government itself reveals an age-old lie to be true, most are so indoctrinated with the idea of the “conspiracy” that they convince themselves that the revelation is just another trick of those deceptive “conspiracy theorists.” This has been seen many times in recent years. A perfect example of this is weather modification.

Weather modification, geoengineering, chemtrails; these are all topics that if brought up in most circles today, would garner the speaker the telltale look that most Truthers have become all too familiar with. It is a look that has been ingrained into all who have opted to cast aside their critical thinking for their comforting daily lie. There is a herd mentality that has been established that causes even those on the fence or those interested in “outside the box” ideas, to fall in line while surrounded by the docile mass. So when the Pasadena Star recently released a government “Notice of Intent” on page 11 of the Classifieds, announcing their plan to begin weather modification in Los Angels County, it became clear that those blank stares should be turned inward, for some much-needed self-reflection and reevaluation.

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Will Sylander

just so you know, Grindall61 posted the same small town, California, newspaper notice a few days ago, Dahboo’s audience is much bigger. Good one.
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Will Sylander

+Blinky Cat right on Blinky, spread the word
Justina Williams

thats dirty!😂😈
Joe Adkinson

they were cloud seeding in Vietnam, nothing new here.
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Casper Wainwright

+Trisha Tilley casperwainwright at

Its gay sprinkles to make men wear skinny jeans and talk funny
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Rictim Eishort

+Aubrey De Bliquy Wish I could believe there is some savoir out there..Once in the gravy train all is forgotten..
Aubrey De Bliquy

+Rictim Eishort As long as we have handouts and bailouts for the super rich it makes sense for them to contribute their part to fixing the harm they have caused.
The Healing Spirit

I live in southern Ca and last Saturday(3/6/16) the sky was full of dark clouds and the news been predicting a storm coming all week long. You could see the chem-trails that had been sprayed and within 2 hours the sky was blue and all the rain clouds were gone. Another storm blew in Sunday eve but this was a second storm that had been predicted. I live near a reservoir and it’s FULL!
Gaz Tinsley

DAHBOO77 Open your eyes ! it was showing children what chemtrails are for in usa childrens books 10 yrs ago !
AboutMy FathersBusiness

LOL , Yep that is about right….except…..they are not increasing precipitation. They are DECREASING precipitation. lol hilarious. If you see a nice puffy cloud get cut up into a waffle pattern, it is dissipation by HAARP and not an increase. And we wonder why there are freak storms back east and a drought here in LA. The water doesn’t leave the planet, it just moves somewhere else. Speculation on protecting us from Fukushima hot particles in precipitation. Also speculation they are making the soil infertile so we can’t grow our own food when the economy dies. Keep searching…The truth always surfaces.
My Old VHS Tapes

+AboutMy FathersBusiness I agree!

LOL…the county using old school tech while the federal gov’t steers all the relevant weather systems away with high tech…sounds like someone’s blowing smoke up your collective asses…
Priscilla Johnson

Will there be mudslides where there were once fires when they do their rain making? What about El Nino hitting us in California this year? LA is shaped like a bowl – are they trying to flood it? Dutchsinse has also been reporting on weather manipulation for a long time. Rev Michelle Hopkins (Mann – her married name) can tell you the chemical makeup of the chemicals they are spraying up in the sky.
Dr. Elizabeth Martin

Funny how the weather modification program has ALREADY been devastating the state of California for YEARS…………now they’re pretending to fix it????? sheeeesh………….
Joanne Moonflower

They bug spray us all the time. ….
Randall Sandberg

I saw the same notice in the San Diego paper. I don’t know what to think of it. My first reaction is that it is a SMOKE SCREEN to calm the people who are finally starting to take note of the chemtrails. Silver-iodide? from stations on the ground is very different from the content of the aerosol spraying from planes above. No doubt when people see this notice–if they do since it is in the back of the newspaper–they will feel that they know what’s up with the weather. I wonder also WHY such cloud seeding was not done (or maybe it was) during the 4 preceding years that led to the terrible drought situation in California.
My Old VHS Tapes

+Randall Sandberg I have personally witnessed stripes being sprayed above grey rain clouds that pulled them higher into the atmosphere and made them disappear! This was in Los Angeles in the past year or two.
Randall Sandberg

+My Old VHS Tapes No argument from me my friend. I’m pissed off about this and to think (I’m not sure) that these articles are to dispel public concern about the chemtrails makes it worse. Like another thing that they might use to say that the people are “confused” about. Before they said it was “contrails,” but people are catching on now. I’m a supporter of Dane at

Uhm. It was announced on local network news in LA.

This video presents how cloud seeding is done using ground-based equipment: v=MpCk7yHj0Qw

ye can be as gods
Da A

Notices of intent are old news, and they don’t always do it. But I guess there are still people who don’t know this, and they should. Beyond that it’s just more proof that our slavery and victim status is voluntary, how many people dispute this notice and withdraw consent in the same manner as the “notice” was given?
Line of Sight

This is hilarious! Kids are sick all over the place . Sheeple need to wake up fast, it’s almost too late.
Tim Erney

Cloud seeding has been used for decades and well known to anyone with an interest in meteorology or hydrology. Ground based silver iodide generators are used in the mountains to increase snowpack as is the case with this project in the San Gabriel Mts. Although studies have shown that it’s not very effective, in a naturally arid region like the US Southwest that relies on winter snowpack every little bit helps. Aerial cloud seeding is conducted in rain producing clouds, which occur at lower altitudes, with small planes equipped with silver iodide flares and it looks nothing like high altitude jet contrails.
timothy deberry

There is more to it…
Jack Markle

and waiting for the real events report that will threaten USA or this planet…… oh…. other cover up blind story. ok.
Bobby Rossbach

They caused the problem and now they are going to be the savior!! Everyone gets that??

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