Clinton is in trouble

Tom Noonan

Yesterday’s primary results in Michigan and Mississippi are yet another indication that Hillary Clinton’s “inevitability” or “electability” tropes are in serious trouble.  She lost Michigan after polls showed her with large double-digit leads.  Her Mississippi margin of victory was huge, continuing a pattern where her biggest wins are in Southern states.

She may well hold on to win the Democratic nomination, although that no longer looks like the mortal lock it has long been viewed. But disturbing trends in the primaries make her vulnerable, even to a cartoonish character such as Donald Trump.

For starters, she cannot count on racking up general election wins in states of the Deep South.  It’s been a while since any Democrat could bank on that.  But states such as Michigan and Kansas, as well as barely wining in Iowa, demonstrate that she does not have wide geographic appeal.

Then there is her constantly being trounced by…

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