VIDEO Clintons’ ‘Serial Dishonesty’, 7 Deadly Sins Of Hillary, The ‘Danger of Putting Them Back In The White House’

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Hillary Clinton

i-have-a-dream Hillary

Saturday in Maryland at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC ) held by the American Conservative Union, during a panel titled, “The Seven Deadly Sins of Hillary Clinton,” with moderator Charlie Kirk and co-panelist Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, Breitbart News editor Alexander Marlow said former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton have a “serial dishonesty,” which he argued is the “danger of putting them back in the White House.”

Discussing the Clinton Foundation, Marlow said, “A key to the connective tissue with all of the Clintons — everything they do — and we will talk about this probably in just about all the deadly sins we touch on— is their serial dishonesty. And we can focus on this later. But she did swear that she would disclose all the…

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