Israel Warns of WW3 as North Korea Readies Use of Nuclear Weapons. Will America Even See 2016 Elections? (Video)

Will America even see 2016 elections? We have plenty to cause this & more questions!

– Ya’alon: Middle East situation in certain respects is third world war
– N.Korea leader tells military to be ready to use nuclear weapons
– North Korea fires projectiles after new U.N. sanctions
– North Korea criticizes China, Russia for sanctions vote




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Pro-Jihad discussions from the San Bernardino terrorist were posted on FB before her “Fiancé Visa” was approved. Do you really think this won’t be used as additional freedom of speech restrictions and an obscene increase of invasions of privacy?


The “reviewing” of FB, websites and emails will NOT be contained to possible terrorists, but will go across the board. 


That means you and me!



This is a MUST SEE alternative video site with uncensored videos, points of view and revealing disclosures covering almost every conceivable topic! This intiguing, safe site is ‘Before It’s News’ approved! This is not a gimick; it’s the real deal.




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