12 Ways Your Tax Dollars Were Squandered In Afghanistan

peoples trust toronto

Everyone knows America’s campaign in Afghanistan has been an enormous foreign policy success.

The Taliban harbored al-Qaeda before and after 9/11 so naturally, the US had to oust Mullah Omar and company on the way to chasing Osama bin Laden through the mountains whilst laying waste to whatever civilization existed prior to the American invasion.

But the $133.1 billion spent on the war was well worth it. Bin Laden was captured in a matter of months, the Taliban was driven into relative obscurity, a stable government was elected by the people for the people in Kabul, and today, Afghanistan stands as a democratic oasis in an otherwise strife-ridden wasteland.

Oh, wait.

Actually it took a decade to find Bin Laden, the country is still mired in violence, Mullah Omar finally died with his one eye but it wasn’t part of some dramatic US raid, the Taliban is resurgent and now…

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