Time For Rubio To Go?

Desert Musings

Marco Rubio won’t like this blog. I’m sorry Marco. I truly am. I was for you as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential nominee last time around. He went with Paul Ryan instead. I was for you early this time around, but you just don’t have the “presidential image”. You look more like you belong in the Mickey Mouse Club than a presidential race. So, I’m sorry Marco…it’s time for you to drop out.

The votes came in from four states yesterday, and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz split them. Cruz took Kansas and Maine by about 20% each, and Trump took Louisiana and Kentucky by a lot closer margin… like 3 or 4 points in each state. That left Marco sitting on the sidelines. And as much as the “establishment” Republicans want to cry about it, this is not their year. They’d better get used to the fact that there is…

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