President Obama beat Clinton and so can Sanders.

The Echo of Western Connecticut State University

It is too early to tell who will win the Democratic nomination because although Senators Sander only won four states on Super Tuesday, he shows striking similarities to President Obama’s election in 2008. The current POTUS was not projected to win the presidential nomination in 2008 against Clinton but he still did.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 2.49.10 PM.png Superdelegates do not have to commit to any candidate until July. Often times, superdelegates switch sides based off of the popular vote. It is clear to see that the pledged delegates are nearly equal for both Clinton and Sanders. 

Senators Sanders has been appealing to the masses by reminding the voters just that. In 2008, Iowa voted for Obama despite his unlikely chance of winning the nomination and Sanders has used that piece of information to his advantage. As Bustle News put it, he has been “acknowledging himself as another longshot candidate who was deserving of the party’s…

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