Polarization as Political Strategy

The Surreal World

We live in a surreal world of increasingly partisan politics with an ever widening gap between republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals, right and left.

The perceived difference between the two sides is like the difference between a persons right and left hands; mirror image opposites of one another. And as our county’s political discourse heats up, the metaphorical mirror is getting steamy. The image is being blurred, and the person in the middle is slowly being erased.

Moderates have been in the process of going extinct; going the way of the dinosaur, the dodo bird, and people who pay to download music. This is true for both the politicians and the citizens who elect them.

The US has among the lowest voter turnout in the developed world. So politicians use carefully crafted rhetoric specifically intended to appeal to the base of their party in order to increase the likelihood of their supporters actually being motivated enough to get off their couches and make…

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