New World Order Conditioning


image of flag.jpgPublic school students in New York City participated in a class project where children were summoned to draw a picture of the American flag along with flags of other Countries.  The image here shows the flags of 22 other nations placed on top of the stripes of the American flag as a showing of appreciation and patronage to other countries.  This is evidenced by the words below the flag, “We Pledge Allegiance To An International Flag.”

This globalist indoctrination is expected from the far left liberal public school system. However, telling very young American children that their loyalty should lie with some nebulous idea of a global community rather than their own nation is a new low.  This is clearly New World Order conditioning of the young showing continued efforts to move towards a New World Order with one government, one currency, one courts system, one military, etc.


To subordinate and indoctrinate…

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