Full Brief From San Bernardino District Attorney Even More Insane Than Application About ‘Dormant Cyber Pathogen’


From Techdirt, by Mike Masnick

from the it-goes-on-and-on dept

Like many, we wrote about the bizarre filing from San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos in the Apple/FBI encryption fight — you know, the one where he speculates randomly that the iPhone might contain evidence of a “dormant cyber pathogen” that is waiting to infect computer systems everywhere? Of course, that was found in his 4 page application to file the full brief, and as far as we can tell, no one else has explored the full 40 page brief that Ramos eventually did file, after magistrate judge Pym granted permission. And, it probably won’t surprise you that in a filing that’s 10x as long, it’s got much more room for crazy arguments, many of which seem to be in the “day is night, black is white” variety. Let’s dig in:

At issue before this Court is whether…

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