Center for a Stateless Society » Indiana Prosecutor Helps Put a Face to Prisons

An Outsider's Sojourn II


What many writers have been warning us of, for decades now, has finally come to pass: America is a police-state/penal-colony:

Indiana Prosecutor Helps Put a Face to Prisons

Nick Ford | @nickfnord

There are many ways to handle the epidemic of over-crowding in prisons. We could start by ending the war on drugs — one of the major culprits. As part of drug war reform, non-violent drug offenders should cease being imprisoned. We could also address racial discrimination and its many contributions to the problem. From there, we can fight against racist elements in the law and its enforcement, particularly by police.

On the other hand you could be like Indiana prosecutor Bradley Cooper who says he’s “proudly over-crowding our prisons” in a new campaign. To make matters worse, Reason‘s Elizabeth Nolan Brown reports that, “The flyer also features mugshots from convicted criminals … It…

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