Bill Maher Calls Out The GOP Candidates’ Hypocritical Stance On Immigration


Bill Maher is clearly not a fan of any GOP presidential candidate, and on Real Time, he was able to dissect the specific reason why they’re not connecting with him, or a large section of moderate voters. The GOP has an “empathy gap,” and as Maher says, their hypocritical stance on immigration is debasing their entire hardline platforms.

John Kasich is proud that his family immigrated to the US. So is Ted Cruz, whose father came to the country barely being able to speak English. Marco Rubio’s parents were also immigrants who could barely speak English when they entered the country, and yet they’re seemingly trying their hardest to turn the tables on the country that allowed their very family to settle and have their sons eventually run for President of the United States.

As Maher said:

“The Republicans all talk about building walls and deportation and making people…

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