BATTLE OVER PRIVACY: Why the FBI’s Case Against Apple is Falling Apart


21st Century Wire, by Shawn Helton

This week a House Judiciary Committee began overseeing details of a US Federal Court case between tech company Apple and the FBI.

On February 16th, Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly rejected a court order to decrypt an iPhone said to be connected to the San Bernardino mass-shooting case from December of 2015.

The House Judiciary Committee listened to the controversial case between tech titan Apple and the FBI a day after Magistrate Judge James Orenstein of New York, struck down a federal court order pressuring Apple to help access encrypted data in a separate case involving illegal drug trafficking.

The landmark decision made by Judge Orenstein stated that the All Writs Act of 1789 (also used as the FBI’s main argument in the Apple/San Bernardino case) “does not permit a court to order companies to pull encrypted data off a customer’s phone or tablet, according to a recent…

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