Who’s Got Your Vote?



While the 2016 election is still months away, the candidates’ race to the White House has been well under way. At this point in the campaign, we know their beliefs on  war, immigration and gun control, but what about food policy? It’s a serious matter that effects health care, debt, the job market, and yet it always gets swept to the side, outshined by the more glamorous issues of Wallsteet.

So what is our future President’s stance on agricultural matters, and will it effect your vote come November 8th?

One of the hottest issues in the world of food policy right now is the topic of Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs). The initial scare of Frankenfoods has worn off, though a recent poll by the New York Times shows that 93% of Americans are still in favor of strict labeling standards when if comes to selling GMOs on the public market. Both Democratic frontrunners are in favor…

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