VIDEO Sen. Ted Cruz Was ‘That Guy’ Back in Law School

Reclaim Our Republic

November 12, 2013 By William Peacock, Esq

Sen Ted Cruz is a polarizing figure, misunderstood by many, but a profile of the conservative Texas senator from his Harvard Law School days paints a clear portrait of someone we all know: the gunner.

From raising his hand constantly in class, to setting his eyes on a Supreme Court clerkship before school even started, his path seemed to be that of the gunner — one who is destined to either do great things, or become the impotent small-town prosecutor that presses for decades in prison for jaywalking.

He’s now Senator Ted Cruz and a potential presidential candidate. What was he like back then?

Gunner … or Leader?

“He came in with his right hand raised and basically kept it raised the entire semester,” Alan Dershowitz, who taught Cruz in a first-year criminal law class told the Boston Globe. “Every year you see…

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