Six Major Steps Of Nibiru Passby: Atlantic Rift Tug, Earth Wobble, Earth Lean, 3 Days Of Darkness, Earth Rotation Stop, Poleshift… Magnetic Earth Rebirthing Process Explained


Dylan Eleven |

Since starting my journey as a truth journalist 16 years ago, pole shifts were one of the first things I learned about.  On Truth11 I only discuss and post facts, not conspiracy theory. Concepts like pole shifts however, are discussed as theory only, as the facts have not presented themselves in our lifetime. Planet x, Nibiru and pole shifts are concepts that I have hoped were not going to prove themselves for thousands of years.  I don’t know when this is coming, or if this is coming, but just incase this is soon, I post these articles so you can prepare as much as possible.  There are many signs of planetary magnetic shifting, tearing and wobbling accompanied by asteroids coming very close to earth.  If planet x is shortly upon us those with bunkers and supplies will be most likely to survive.  The government, elite and rich have…

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