Planet 9 (Nibiru?) exists in our solar system


I was just seeing on the news, that Astronomers are declaring that a 9th planet exists in our solar system.

NibiruFor so many of us this is NOT new news, in fact I will be reaching out to Author Michael Knight who has written many articles about Nibiru the 9th planet.

For many authors who have been writing about Planet X for years only to face ridicule this announcement from Astronomers via  mass corporate media will for certain be some level of vindication from years of dealing with internet trolls and armchair scientists.

Stay Tuned as we try and get some articles out of Mr Knight, While you wait, here are the most recent major news stories about Nibiru.

Ninth planet may have been discovered, researchers say – CNN – Jan 21, 2016

Planet 9: Secret, dark world may be hiding within our solar system – Independent – Jan 21, 2016


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