Needless Wars over Oil

In short, King Hubbert’s famous 1956 thesis known today as “Peak Oil” is a myth, among other things a myth disproved in recent years by the US shale oil production boom. The world is not running out of oil, as Dr Peter Odell said some years back. It is running into oil, everywhere. How silly for nations like Saudi Arabia or Qatar or Turkey or the USA or Britain or France to wage wars to control that oil

by F WiIlliam Engdahl, NEO:

Since about the 1880’s, Western geologists have promoted the unproven idea that oil and gas–hydrocarbons–are scarce on this planet. That idea of scarcity of new finds, combined with the idea of depletion of old fields, appears to make empirical sense amid reports of old oil fields going dry. After all, Western geologists argue, oil is a fossil fuel, derived from organic material–dead dinosaur detritus, tree leaves, algae…

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