How Much More Will We Take?

Trying To Make Sense Of This Crazy World

I don’t know about you, but its become obvious to me that presidential elections in the country are meaningless. We’re not even a country anymore. America as a country ended with the act of 1871. We officially became a corporation with that act. I have known about this for at least 15 years now. When I tell people about it they look at me as if I’m insane. I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist hundreds of times over the years and not one person can refute this information. 99% of them will not even read a paragraph of the information. From the hyperlink above which opens in a separate tab or window depending on your own browser settings. Most of it is in block quote below this line for those who don’t want to click on the link. I left very little out of it.

The date is February 21…

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