How Donald Trump Shows Democrats Up for the Dictators They Are

Fit Recovery

Trigger (heh) warning: This post is political in nature, from a conservative point of view. It does not follow the liberal narrative because I believe that narrative is stupid. This post is not about my normal recovery and cycling stuff. You have been trigger (heh) warned.

We all know there’s no way Donald Trump should be where he is in the primaries.  He’s brash, he’s anything but polished…  Somehow he’s what Republican voters want this goaround.

As I have made abundantly clear previously, I am no fan of the Donald but he’s better than the socialist or the liar. By a long shot, and that’s saying something.

I do, however, understand the sentiment behind his popularity.  The average Republican, just the average Republican is a doer, not a sheep.  While leftist Democrat politicians can get away with promising the moon and delivering the same old tired, failed bloated bureaucracies that…

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