Before The Rise Of Trump, There Was Jesse Ventura

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

CHICAGO (AP) — He was a candidate few thought stood a chance. Best known as a television showman, he seemed more interested in self-promotion than winning public office. But soon he was dominating media coverage and debate stages, each pungent remark only endearing him more to a disenchanted public.

Then Jesse “The Body” Ventura became governor of Minnesota.

Well before Donald Trump shook up the race for the Republican presidential nomination, there was Ventura, the former professional wrestler, radio talk show host and suburban mayor who — in his own election-night words — “shocked the world” with his improbable 1998 victory.

As Trump looks to expand his delegate lead in Super Tuesday contests and further show that he’s for real, the similarities between his campaign and Ventura’s continue to grow. The billionaire businessman enters the biggest day of the race so far with several wins under his belt and exuding…

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