What’s it like to be a stripper in Las Vegas?


It doesn’t take a spotlight for 23-year-old exotic dancer Daisy to light up. On the stages of Sapphire Gentleman’s Club and on wooden dance floors of bars across Las Vegas, a flower blooms in a dark room over and over again.

Ten-gallon hats, shiny belt buckles and Daisy Dukes couldn’t distract from the professional stripper’s green eyes and bouncing blonde ponytail as she added in extra turns to a line dance during a February “Ladies’ Night” at Revolver Saloon.

Sliding, stepping and spinning, Daisy led the pack of about 50 other dancers, narrowly missing a man wearing a “show me your kitties” shirt.vegas strip bus

She didn’t show anything but her smile that night.

But on Friday and Saturday nights, that’s not the case inside Sapphire, located at 3025 South Industrial Road.

One year ago, she made the decision to start taking her clothes off for money.

“It’s opened a lot up for me,” she said of that choice. And to start at the largest gentleman’s club in the world — “go big or go home,” she said.

Her former roommate suggested the job choice to her in 2014, and she only had to think about it briefly after learning one girl made $10,000 in a single night.

“I couldn’t do it. Could I?” she recalled thinking about the choice, putting her index finger over her lips, holding her chin with her fist. The next thing she knew, she was buying “stripper shoes” and lacing up her lingerie for an audition.

It wasn’t much of an audition, Daisy recalled. She was asked to turn and face one way, then another in an evaluation. There was no dancing or formal interview.

She filled out new-hire paperwork that day and began working.

“It is easy,” she said. “They always need girls.”

She could do it, and she has no regrets. She says her two-day-a-week job has allowed her more freedom in the past 12 months than she’s ever had.

Pointing to tens of printed out pictures on the wall of her country-chic bedroom, she said hiking trips, a vacation to New Orleans and nights out with friends were representative of that freedom.

Judging by the career choice, photos of hands holding plastic cups or the beer pong table in the living room of the house she shares with three others, it’d be easy to assume Daisy’s life is one big party.

It would also be wrong.

At quarter to 11 a.m., the tattoo-covered athlete is upstairs at her local gym, warming up for one of six three-hour workouts she’ll complete by the week’s end.

Although she won’t step into the strip club, it’s hardly a day off.

“There’s no wrong way to look,” Daisy said of a strippers’ body. After overcoming an eating disorder and two failed relationships, though, a 21-year-old Daisy decided to get in shape, “instead of just being thin.”

Unlike most people who go to the gym, Daisy will use her daily-toned body to get paid.

The most she’s ever made in one night doing just that? About $3,600, she says.

“That’s considered low by a lot of girls,” she explained. So, she budgets.

A few grand in one night may seem like a lot to the average person, but Daisy lives modestly by renting a room from a friend for $400 a month and by paying for her late-90s sedan in-full with cash.

“I like it better that way,” she said. “I’m not going in chasing my money every single night.”

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