MITT ROMNEY’S FACEBOOK PAGE: “CURRENTLY RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT” Entry changed after screenshot circulates on social media

mittromney2-460x307On the day that the former Governor of Massachusetts slammed Donald Trump as a “phony,” eyebrows were raised after it was discovered that Mitt Romney’s Facebook page stated that he is “currently running for President of the United States of America”.

“So… this is the current “About” section of Mitt Romney’s Facebook page,” tweeted NBC Nightly News editor Bradd Jaffy, alongside a screenshot of Romney’s official Facebook profile page.

The bio states that Romney is “currently running for President of the United States, Republican.”

That sparked interest because there is speculation Romney has re-inserted himself into campaign politics over the last couple of weeks because the GOP establishment is preparing to run him against Trump if Marco Rubio fails to win in Florida.

“I think that there is a relatively strong chance that the establishment tries to find an opening for Mitt Romney to run,” political consultant John Yobtold CBS News.

“The establishment will pull out every trick in the book to stop Donald Trump and one of those tricks will be trying to get Mitt Romney to run.”

Even though Romney would stand a slim chance of beating Trump’s delegate count, he could emerge victorious in a brokered convention or even run third party to siphon votes away from The Donald.

The Facebook entry was quickly changed after the screenshot circulated on social media.

Some pointed out that the entry was probably just an error because the page hasn’t been updated since the 2012 elections.

And that probably tells you everything you need to know about Mitt Romney’s relevance four years later.



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