Recent Scams Test Public Trust

The Nevada Judiciary relies heavily on the public’s trust and confidence in our courts to handle cases. When doubt enters the picture, the system suffers from a lack of confidence and the public is harmed.

Scams Involving Nevada’s Courts Impact on Judicial Trust

Recently, doubt for the judiciary resulted from a scammer calling Nevada residents telling them they were in violation for not appearing for jury duty and an arrest warrant had been issued. Obviously, this causes concern for the public and the judiciary. Amid the pleadings and denials indicating the citizen had never received a jury summons, the scammer asked for a social security number and a date of birth to cancel the arrest warrant. This gave the scammer everything they needed to steal an identity.

Another recent scam indicated a traffic ticket must be paid and a pre-paid payment card was needed to pay the fine. Often individuals are asked to deliver the pre-paid card to an address other than a courthouse. Finally, in another scam, individuals were given a toll-free phone number to call and the scammer indicated how to send money to clear a fine.

Residents who receive a call like any of these examples should immediately identify it as a scam and contact local law enforcement. As an added precaution, never provide personal or financial information to any caller or unsolicited contact.

If you are in doubt, please contact the court the caller claims to represent to verify the information. Nevada residents can find court contact information at Find a Court.



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