Nevada ranks as one of the worst states for women, study finds

nevada sucksIf you’re a woman, a new ranking suggests you may not want to live in Nevada, as the Silver State ended up near last for how friendly it is to women.

To find the best states for women, WalletHub’s study compared all states and Washington, D.C., across 15 key factors “that speak to the needs and expectations of women in America.”

These factors were separated into two categories — women’s economic and social well-being and women’s health care and safety — and assigned a point value that were used to determine each state’s overall rank.

Based on the results, states on the East Coast are apparently some of the most women-friendly, as four of the top five states that are most welcoming to women are located in this region. Minnesota came in first.

Source: WalletHub

According to WalletHub’s study, landing in 49th place, Nevada ranked as the third worst state for women — falling ahead of South Carolina and Louisiana.

Out of the 100 total points for each factor, Nevada earned 41.82 points. As a result, the state ranked 49th in the category of women’s economic and social well-being and was dead last in terms of women’s health care and safety.

On a scale of 1 being the best and 25 being average, here’s how Nevada ranked on some of the key factors that contributed to the state’s overall ranking:

  • 50th — Unemployment rate for women
  • 50th — Female uninsured rate
  • 48th — Women’s preventive health care
  • 41st — Percentage of women who voted in the 2012 presidential election
  • 34th — Women’s life expectancy at birth
  • 34th — High school dropout rate for women
  • 29th — Median earnings for females (cost of living-adjusted)
  • 27th — Percentage of women living in poverty
  • 24th — Share of women-owned businesses

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