Hillary Clinton Has Shot Her Wad In the South: Now it’s Bernie Time!

John Hively's Blog: News and Analysis of the War Against the Middle Class


If anything is clear, it’s that Hillary Clinton has shot her wad in the Democratic primary campaign. The battle for the South is over and Bernie Sanders has lost, but the battle for the west, the Midwest, the mid-Atlantic states, and New England is shaping up to be a total path to victory for the senator from Vermont.

True, Clinton won the South decisively, but strangely, and what it not typically reported in the press, is that Sanders took Minnesota and Colorado by large margins. He wiped out Clinton, as expected in Vermont. He also trounced her in Oklahoma.

Sanders has leads in Washington, Oregon, and California. He’ll most likely take the rest of New England, and perhaps even the remaining states in the Midwest, and the mid-Atlantic. This battle isn’t over until those rounds are finished.

The national press has done its best to keep us in the dark…

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