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Harry Reid sees a monster, his name is Donald Trump.  Oh the irony!   Harry Reid is one of the most corrupt jackasses in the Senate. Harry called Trump “a monster”!   So, Harry must be scared.   He is afraid of this monster, like many of Washington’s political Establishment.  Harry is a Democrat, which really doesn’t matter that much when we are talking about political monsters.   Both Democrats and Republicans are afraid of the monster.  Why are they afraid of this beast?  They are afraid of Trump disrupting the political Establishment’s BUSINESS AS USUAL platform of governing.  They are afraid of what will be exposed in Executive and Legislative operations, if the country is run like a business from a competent CEO.  Remember the movie “Dave”, will meet “Donald”.

What Harry, Marco and to an extent Ted fear is, they will lose their comfort zone, they are already unraveling.   Rubio is desperate, not only for himself…

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