Was Antonin Scalia Removed by the Ruling Elite for Fighting Their Agenda?


Source: Dollar Vigilante, by Jeff Berwick

Many still believe what they are told on their television programming.  If it’s on “the news” then it’s a fact, not something to be thought about or investigated further, they think.

The recent death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is probably just another case like it.  “He died in his sleep,” said the news.  Case closed.

But could there have been more to the story?  Certainly it seems so.

My interest in this was piqued by a chance event.  I had been gathering a number of articles over the last two months to make what I expect to be another viral video… this time focusing on the Super Shemitah, also known as the Jubilee year, that began in September of 2015 and ends in October, 2016.

Going through some of the documents, I came across this article.


“That’s interesting,” I thought… one…

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