Christie Endorses Trump

Modern Liberty

In a semi-surprise Friday announcement, Donald Trump’s campaign got a shot of establishment legitimacy from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The timing, execution, and rationale were flawless (as we have come to expect when Trump decides it’s time to take over a news cycle). News of Christie’s endorsement leaked only moments before Christie came to the podium in Fort Worth, Texas to make the announcement.

Realistically, unless you have “campaign myopia” or “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Christie’s endorsement is both fairly important and actually pretty predictable. Here’s why:

  1. Chris Christie is a term-limited Governor with mediocre popularity in his home state and a failed Presidential bid to his name. In 2017, Chris Christie will leave office and probably go work in the private sector. That is, unless he can keep working his way up the Federal “cursus honorem.” While some are putting him on the shortlist for the Vice Presidential slot…

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